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Poster evolution

 History Handwritten adverts have been used since time old. Since the 15th century, when the printing press appeared, it has come easier to replicate advertising wastes. In a fairly short period of time, the development of colorful printing ways has been achieved. To say that at that time it was a bill is, in principle, delicate. This product looked like a book publishing house. Only at the end of the 19th century did commodity analogous to a ultramodern bill appear. Another important corner in the development of the bill was the arrival of the particular computer. Since the arrival of the computer, the development of the bill has not stopped, but, on the negative, began to flourish, because, with the help of the computer, it came possible to experiment with design, using lower force than in the history. Still, it should be noted that before the arrival of the computer, there were exemplifications that came a masterpiece of bill art. Exhibitions are indeed devoted to similar bills.